Monday 07 May 17:30

Biohacking - what, how and for what purpose?

Critical Tech Meetup


Biohacking - a term that has drawn media attention since quite some time now. But what does this actually mean when considering biohacking in connection with technology? Enhancing our bodies by implanting technological devices into ourselves?

We would like to invite you to an interesting evening on biohacking together with Jowan Österlund, the founder and CEO of biohax. Jowan will introduce us to biohacking - for those who are new to the topic - and give us some insights of his daily work life. Which technology is biohax using and how are they applied by their users? Jowan will tell us a bit about RFID chips and near field communication (NFC). What are the advantages of using RFIC chips instead of plastic cards when thinking about sustainability? How secure are these technologies? Implanting technologies into someone’s body sounds very futuristic but is it really?

If we start thinking how this might develop in the coming years, let’s say 5, 10 or even 20 year? What could we do in the framework of biohacking? Can we overcome our biological flaws at one point? Let’s here Jowan’s professional opinion and discuss this together with pizza and beer!

If you want to get into this topic a bit beforehand, Jowan has done a TED talk that is a good introduction to our biohacking evening!


17:45 - Meet & Greet

18:00 - Short introduction of Critical tech & pizza count

18:15 - Biohacking - an introduction & insight of biohax

18:45 - Pizza 

19:15 - How far can we go with biohacking? Let’s talk future!

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