Monday 21 May 17:30

Cypher: Enabling the Paradise Papers

After Work Seminar


Do you want to know how your company can benefit from using graph databases? Do you want to learn the basics of the Cypher programming language? Do you want to know more about how a Malmö startup made the Panama and Paradise paper investigations possible? Come listen to this afterwork seminar by Neo4j employee Louise Söderström.

Relational databases and SQL have been widely spread and known for decades, but for many real world applications of today the queries get very complex and the execution time unmanageable. Graph databases and the Cypher query language have opened the way to handle larger amounts of highly connected data. The use cases includes fraud detection, network and IT operations and access management. The world’s leading graph company Neo4j was founded as a Malmö startup in 2007. Today, their technology is used in everything from Wallmart and Ebay shopping recommendations to Telenor’s resource management and Nasa’s lessons-learned database. In their mission “To help the world make sense of data”, Neo4j had a great impact on the Panama and Paradise Papers investigations, which you will learn more about in this presentation.

Louise Söderström is an engineer in mathematics, currently working as a Cypher Developer. She has earlier been a speaker on GoTo Malmö, Ada_conf and Pink Programming Sunday


17.30-17.45 – Meet & Greet

17.45-18.30 – Presentation

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