Wednesday 28 Feb 17:30

Canceled: Playing CTF for fun and EXP



LEVEL: Beginner

Cancelled! To be rescheduled.

Reading, hearing and talking about security is fun! But what about the practical element to it?

Especially if you do not feel ready to throw yourself into the big world of Bug Bounties?

Luckily there are many training grounds and one of them is called CTF! Join us as we introduce what CTF is, how you can get started with it and what tools there ar

This will be a workshop-heavy meet up so you will need to bring a computer.

Things to prepare before the workshop to get even more out of it:

Linux CLI (Linux OS, Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, Docker, Virtual Machine etc.) Docker


17:30-17:45 – Meet and greet

17:45-18:30 – Presentation

18:30-18:45 – Pizza and beverages

18:45-20:00 – Presentation continued and Q&A

Speaker Mikael Weckstén, Security consultant @ KITS, runs all over Gothenburg doing all kind of security work, with a strong focus towards Web.

As part of the OWASP Gothenburg board and founding member of Chalmers CTF it is safe to say he have a interest both for the technical parts as well as the community.

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