Wednesday 15 Nov 18:30

Want to teach kids to code?

CoderDojo Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate


Dreamt about teaching kids how to code? We do it, and we need you!

This is a chance to get to know what we ask of you (more than your time and your talent) and what the perks are (not only great fika and mentors pizza).

18.30 - 18.45 — We mingle with kids and mentors in their break, perhaps grab a Delicato ball or a pizza slice. 

18.45 - 19.10 — A short introduction to what it is to be a mentor at Coder Dojo

19.10 - 19.30 — A chance to see the kids in action, including a presentation of their projects

19.30 - 20.00  — We answer all your questions   

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