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Hacking the refugee crisis

Hack Your Future


LEVEL: Beginner

Many refugees and asylum seekers across Europe struggle to find meaningful work in their new countries of residence. This can have many reasons, but limited access to further education, language barriers and the lack of a local network are just some of the factors that significantly hinder newcomers from unfolding their potential in society.

Meanwhile the job market is in short demand for motivated software developers, with tons of positions that are hard to fill - or can't be filled at all. 

HackYourFuture is a non-profit that aims to train refugees and asylum seekers to become web-developers and empower them by opening the doors to a very in-demand job market. They believe that talented refugees are a great opportunity for society and want to give them a helping hand to make use of their potential.

How does it work?

In their 6-month program they train students with and without a coding background in modern JavaScript software development (HTML/CSS, Javascript, Git, Node, React, Angular and Databases). Their aim is to have their students land their first software development job after finishing the course and they do everything they can to prepare them as well as possible and then connect them to the job market via their network. With a team of experienced senior developers they have created a curriculum around the special needs of refugees. All mentors are all volunteers and extremely passionate about coding.

How can I help?

If you want to help and be a part of the Malmö chapter of HYF, then join us for an informational evening on October 2nd.

where the director of HYF's Copenhagen branch, Christopher Klüter, will elaborate on the project which originated in Amsterdam, where 30 of their thus far 60 graduates are currently employed.

Christopher will be ready to answer any possible questions and tell about the experiences of both the Amsterdam and Copenhagen branch. There will be pizza and beverage.

Find out more at and see their open source curriculum at

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