Wednesday 20 Sep 17:30

A Secured Smart City

After Work Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

The Smart City consists of a large variety of actors handling the data of the citizens. With a mesh of actors involved, we can no longer trust the security of the infrastructure. Instead we have to protect the data itself.Combitechs IoT platform is Smart City Native, meaning that it enables data aggregation and communication between many and varying actors. In combination with the crypto from Hyker Security the platform can protect data during the full lifecycle. Data is protected from the producer all the way to the consumer, over time, at any place. This makes the platform fully open, yet fully end-to-end secure.


Joakim Brorsson, Former security consultant at Combitech, now Security Lead at Hyker.


17.30-17.45 – Meet & Greet

17.45-18.30 – Presentation

18.30–19.00 – Break with something lighter to eat and drink

19.00-......... – Q&A

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