Wednesday 06 Sep 17:30

The entrepreneur’s guide to the startup graveyard

After Work Seminar


LEVEL: Beginner

How to kill a company

There are many ways to kill a company. One of the most common and most stupid ways to do it is to avoid contact with the market, that is - to avoid selling.We get it. Maybe you don´t like it. Maybe you're not born a sales rep. And maybe you want to spend the first years as a startup, developing the perfect package before you start selling it. Nevertheless, great business ideas are developed in relation to the market, in relation to potential customers. And customers won’t come running to you if you don’t talk to them. The fact is: You need to start selling. So how can we get better at selling our ideas and products from day one?

Lars Andersson, vice president of the software company Lundalogik and a true sales nerd with “down to earth”-attitude, will teach you the basic truths of successful sales.

Ps. Lars is also the founder of the initiative “How to kill a company”. Check out the webpage, where you can sign up for free sales tools, sales education and lots of sales inspiration!

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