Wednesday 28 Jun 17:30

Usability testing



LEVEL: Intermediate

This ConTest will be a little different and will start off with presentation by Katrine Kavli on usability testing.Usability is all about how real-life users use a system in real-life situations. It’s also about the non-technical problems that users might experience when using a system. These problems are not always considered bugs in a traditional sense, but can none the less be the reason an online shop or an app fails miserably and is abandoned by its users.Katrine will talk about why you want to do usability testing, when to do it, and how to do it, even if you are not a user experience expert and are on a tight budget. She will go through some tools and methods to get you started on conducting usability testing yourself. She will also discuss when to listen to the user, and when not to. Because even if the users know what they want.. It’s not necessarily what they need.There will as always be discussions so bring your questions, thoughts and experience.We will serve pizza and beer by tonight's sponsor

Welcome!Andreas Cederholm, Facilitator

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