Thursday 08 Jun 17:30

Setting up a JavaScript NEXT Front-End environment

MalmöJS meet-up


LEVEL: Intermediate

MalmöJS is a monthly meet-up for front-end web developer passionates who are pleased to share knowledge, problems and ideas with each other.

Arguments drifts around the HTML5 environment with a pitch on Web App development in Javascript and rich page design with CSS.

Tonight's Program

Let's face the truth: we are facing an overwhelming offering of very good tools the whom are supposed to make our front-end life easier. But they are a lot and it is difficult to get to know them all and to go through the quirks and particular features of all of them.

On top of this they evolve quickly. Compatibility is constantly being broken, new API introduces and performances are affected too. We are constantly pushed out of our comfort zone just because the Javascript community can't keep quite for 12 months in a row!

I believe this is more an opportunity than a problem. Maybe is just a challenge.

Is there a practical way to get advantage of this opportunity?

In the first part of the meetup we'll go through some common needs of front-end development so to fully understand what we can, want and should achieve. Then we'll switch into "coding mode" and hack together a possible working setup that will be then shared through GitHub.


Marco Pegoraro. Every morning I wake up and realize I have new stuff to learn. It's a mixed feeling of excitement and frustration but I am used and addicted to it. I love the ever evolving IT world and I like to move around the front, back, product development and dev-op too. It's just too much fun for me to stay still in one single corner of the room. My work is my greatest hobby too, and I love to talk about it.


17.30-17.45 – Meet & Greet

17.45-18.30 – Presentation part 1

18.30-19.00 – Break with something lighter to eat

19.00-20.00 – Presentation part 2

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