Monday 10 Apr 17:30

Displace your work place

Warp meetup


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Warp meetup


A series of seminars discussing cutting edge innovations, science and the future.

Speakers include researchers, corporate stars, writers and more. What they have in common is a strong insight into what the near future can bring to the public, how it can be a good thing, and how to make it happen sooner rather than later.


Technical development is a means to many different ends and beginnings. The meetup is there for tech startups, developers, economists, ecologists and anyone with an interest in knowing what future technical development can do for us all.


Warp meetup is there to inspire and connect people from a wide area of disciplines with a positive attitude towards technical development and how it can be used to make the world more sustainable, democratic, and prosperous.


Tonight's presentation

Displace your work place

Call centers on Malta, coders in Bangladesh, it’s no news, but why stop there? This meetup is all about looking at the effects and possibilities of long distance work. If 10 percent more people than today worked near where they lived and lived where they wanted, the ecological, social and economical benefits would be mindboggling.

With Warp Institute you are invited to take an optimistic look at the future and tonight we displace your office.


Mathias Sundin, Member of Parliament (L) and co founder of Warp Institute

Mathias brings positive news from around the world about technical advancements and how they can impact our lives in a good way. He also explains a bit more about Warp Institute and what we are about.

Petter Ericson CTO and Andreas Arnkvist, VP Marketing at Hoylu

Hoylu is a brand new Swedish company facilitating project management, creative work, conferences and more. Software and hardware is already so user friendly and reliable as to hold the potential to revolutionize where most of us are when we work.

The Hoylu team live by their creed and as they themselves are spread throughout the world, Andreas will be joining us via Link from his home in Bali.


17.30 Meet and greet.

17.45 Welcome

17.50 Positive News

18.00 Speakers

18.30 Make the Future Come Sooner

18.45 Discussion. mingle and something to eat

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