Tuesday 04 Apr 17:30

The Power of Functional Programming

After Work Seminar


LEVEL: Advanced

First presentation

The Power of Functional Programming and Static Type Systems in Server-Side Web Applications

Single-page web applications have been spreading like wildfire, with an endless amount of frameworks and libraries, and functional programming together with static types fueling the fire with great ideas like pure functions, monads, and strong type checking. But what happened to Progressive Enhancement? Some parts of our applications might require Javascript to function, but the majority could be built with ordinary links and forms.

In this talk we explore how we can build web applications using established web technology, and the power of functional programming and PureScript on the server-side, with strong correctness guarantees.


Oskar Wickström After some years of musical education Oskar began his journey into the world of software, as a self-taught programmer. He started a company practicing web design and development for small businesses. He now works at Empear building CodeScene, a suite of software analysis and repository mining products, along with various open source projects on his free time.

Among the technical topics that interest Oskar are functional programming, systems design, web technology, and programming languages. His more aestetic side, which mostly involves making music, draws him towards graphics and UI design every now and then. He’s a bit of a restless soul, but it also means he gets a lot done.

Second presentation

Stubbing HTTP Services in Clojure

In Java we're used to libraries such as WireMock and MockWebserver for stubbing out HTTP services but using these in Clojure is not idiomatic. An alternative is to use HTTP client specific libraries such clj-http-fake but there are times when this is not enough and you want to test the entire stack. In this session I'll introduce an open source library I've founded called "Stub HTTP" which allows you to stub HTTP services in Clojure in an easy and idiomatic way.


Johan Haleby is a developer, speaker and blogger with a strong interest in software development. He has founded and contributed to numerous open source projects such as PowerMock, REST Assured and Awaitility and has spoken at several international conferences and user groups.


17.30-17.45 – Meet & Greet

17.45-18.30 – First presentation

18.30-19.00 – Break with something lighter to eat

19.00-19.30 – Second presentation

19.30-........ – Discussion & mingle

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