Wednesday 25 Jan 18:30

Biometrics - how comfortable are we with it? An open discussion

Critical Tech Meetup


LEVEL: Intermediate

At this meetup we will talk about biometrics and how convenient/ comfortable they are regarding security. We will as well talk about how critical we should look at them when talking about our data and digital self.

We will have one speaker who works in IT project management and who will tell us more about palm secure, which uses the palm of our hands as a security feature.

After that, let's join into an open discussion with beer and pizza!

1. Introduction

What does biometric mean? What are traditional, soft and behavioural biometrics? Which of them are most accurate? How does surveillance systems use combined biometrics to create a no-doubt subject?

2. Break

Beer & pizza

3. New developments in biometrics

Introducing palm veins as a very accurate and reliable biometric by a speaker from the IT industry.

4. Discussion

How comfortable are we with using biometrics to safeguard information, unlock doors, access restricted areas and even make purchases?

Issues that could be discussed together are becoming a subject (guilty until proven innocent), limitations, inter-connective database and consumer behaviour (small video of a scene of the minority report).

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