Thursday 08 Dec 17:30

Multi Device Web App with Javascript - Gaming, IoT, ...

MalmöJS meet-up


LEVEL: Intermediate

MalmöJS is a monthly meet-up for front-end web developer passionates who are pleased to share knowledge, problems and ideas with each other.

Arguments drifts around the HTML5 environment with a pitch on Web App development in Javascript and rich page design with CSS.

Tonight's Program

As web developers we are used to dealing with a wealth of different devices. We have to make sure our products work for various screen sizes, input modalities, etc. Our cross device focus has made us well-versed in the art of providing similar baseline options and experiences regardless of what single device our end users chose to use. Much less focus have we paid to the fact that very often our users will have more than one device within reach. Can we somehow use this to our advantage and provide experiences that leverage the power of multiple devices at the same time?

In this talk I will present a platform I am currently working on, that makes it easy to create multi-device web based applications. While my primary focus is on gaming (particularly digital board games, where the users use their smartphones as controllers, while the game is running on another device), most of the principles I will present are applicable to all kinds of web applications as well as the IoT.

Our Speaker:

Younes Touati is a software developer specializing in JavaScript and single page web applications. Working as a consultant at day he spends much of his sparetime working on various personal web-related projects, most notably his multi-device development platform which is the subject of this talk

We will begin at 17.30 with meet and greet. The program starts at 17.45 - we will have break with something lighter to eat and drink at 18.30-ish.

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