Wednesday 30 Nov 17:30

Data driven gut feeling

After-work seminar


Have you ever been part of a delayed or risky software project? To you, the reason for delay or risk are obvious, but you can’t always show the data to back up your gut feeling.

Most of the time, you will be basing the feeling on conversations with people in the project; an odd comment here and a sarcastic sigh there. The facts and data will be fragmented. Only when overlaid with your experience and knowledge of your team, they will add up to a risk. If you have stakeholders that are worth their salt – your gut feeling will be questioned. The data is there. Only thing you need is to structure and visualize it, and you’ll be able to underpin your gut feeling with facts.

This challenge exist at Qlik as well, but we happen to have a perfect tool to analyse the plethora of data in our systems. We want to share a story about past 3 years in Qlik’s R&D. This is a story about trying to make right decisions in an ever-changing R&D. Different people have different gut feeling. We need to look at data.

This is the story about data and how we use it to make the best decisions we possibly can in our rapidly changing world.


Nidzara Dellien: One of my childhood dreams was to become a movie director and create movie history. Instead, I became a SW project manager. True, I am not walking up any red carpets, but the work I do is not that different from directing movies. I work with great talents, I help teams understand the context in which they operate and I coordinate work when necessary. I am a systems thinker and a teacher.

Humans are a big source of frustration in my life but also the greatest source of energy and joy. Understanding a complicated system is a challenge. Understanding a system consisting of humans is a far bigger challenge, and the one that makes me get out of bed on a grey November morning. My only real time in the spotlight comes when I dance flamenco.

Johan Asplund: I get my kicks from helping others. Throughout my career this has proved itself in a number of ways. As a deveIoper it was by getting feedback from the end users. As a project manager and agile coach it was to see people grow. In my current role as QLIK app developer it is to help people make sense of their data.

Being part of Qlik's journey for the past 14 years I have realized that data visualized in good way gives you the confidence to make the decisions needed.

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