Tuesday 11 Oct 07:30

Disparate health care systems to coherent asset

Breakfast seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

The health care world is full of modern complicated computer systems focused on increasing the efficiency of specific processes. Having these disparate data silos results in a complexity that reduces the all-important outer efficiency since the focus is not on the patient, but on the inner efficiency of the processes.This situation hampers the future development of a cost-effective, patient-centric health care which undoubtedly will be extremely IT dependent and include everything from patient genomics, life style, and computer supported diagnosis to right-first-time treatment. This situation will have to change, and brand new database technologies that radically improves this situation will be presented and discussed.About the speakersDr. Staffan Gestrelius founded Capish in 2001 and now serves as Chief Scientist and Board Member. Capish® is a software company developing innovative products for data integration and data exploration. Capish’s core concepts are based on how data is modelled and described using an ontology, how it is made available with no programming necessary and how data dynamically can be explored from multiple focal points. This self-service exploration enables users to go beyond the limitations of traditional business intelligence data structures to predictive and prescriptive utilization of data.Staffan was a pioneer in the simulation of complex biological processes in the 1980s. His interest in using computers to improve research processes led him to AstraZeneca R&D where he served as IT Director for seven years and later to co-invent the interactive graphical interface QlikView, the current flagship product of Qlik, where he also served as CEO. Dr. Staffan Gestrelius is an Associate Prof in Medical Physiology and received a Master of Science degree in Technical Physics from the University of Lund. He has made notable contributions as a faculty member through his teaching and research at the University. Dr. Gestrelius also holds a BA in Business Administration.Note: Coffee, tea and a breakfast sandwich will be served at the beginning of the event to get your morning started. This Foo Café event is part of a week-long conference putting the spotlight on Connected Health. We bring together people and organizations to exchange ideas and skills within e-health, mobile health, wearables and more. See the full conference schedule here.

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