Saturday 27 Aug 14:00

Thinking Slow About Fast-Moving Things

Four Year Anniversary


LEVEL: Intermediate


Come and celebrate our four year anniversary with us. A great afternoon with surprises, together with our special guest speaker Aral Balkan.

Aral is a designer with over three decades of coding experience. He’s one-third of, a tiny two-person-and-one-husky social enterprise working for social justice in the digital age. He will give a talk about ...

Thinking Slow About Fast-Moving Things

Computers once filled up entire rooms and were programmed by punching holes in cards. Today, the phones we carry in our pockets are more powerful than those computers and we can program them using their touch screens in expressive, powerful, even visual programming languages.

Our tools evolve at the exponential rate of technology and we must invest in constantly improving our knowledge if we are to keep up.

It is, however, too easy to get caught up in this “race for the latest” and to see every new technology as an inevitable step in a ladder that spans objectively from the past to the future. It’s important that we don’t get lost in such a shallow, technologically-deterministic view of the world.

While learning to use the latest and greatest tools is important, we must also develop a critical reading of technology and its place in society. When constantly getting faster and faster engines for your car, it’s good sometimes to make sure that the breaks and steering still work and that you’re heading in the direction that you really want to be going.

Come and enjoy the famous Foo Café mingle that as usual includes beer, lighter food, and great company.

Anniversary agenda

14.00 - Meet and Greet (beer and snacks)

14.30 - Welcome speech

14.40 - Thinking Slow About Fast-Moving Things, Aral Balkan

15.20 - Ending mingle (more beer and snacks)


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