Wednesday 15 Jun 18:00

Be Creative, Use Instagram

Geek Girl Meetup Öresund


LEVEL: Intermediate

GeekGirl meetup

A talk about how you can engage your creativity through Instagram, how to use your visual voice and how to evolve as a photographer and capture interesting images.

Everybody are able to shoot interesting photos, we just have to learn how to see the story we want to tell in our picture. Creativity and talent, isn’t something we a born with, and the act of producing art itself is a skill, and I cant stress this enough – skills can be learned.

Also going to talk about that when it comes to story telling photography feeling is the principle, the beginning and the end; everything else is in the middle.

Today almost everyone has a camera. Not only that we have it with us in our smartphone, from early morning until late at night. That is one reason why you can be creative through an app like Instagram.

After the talk we will have a photo-walk and use our new abilities.

About the speaker

Bodil Johansson from Elakkanin Photography & Media work as a photographer and helps companies how to use Instagram for branding. On Instagram her name is @elakkanin


18.00-18.15 Meet & great!

18.15-19.00 New ideas to level up your instagraming

19.00-19.15 Pizza energy boost!

19.15-20.30 Take the theory into action - outdoor workshop! (inside if rain)

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