Tuesday 17 May 17:30

The top 5 security priorities



LEVEL: Intermediate


We’ll start at 17:30 with mingle. The meeting starts at 17:45. We’ll have a short break around 18:30 for food and drink.


Security has clearly moved into the top 5 priorities by enterprises, government organizations and every organization that depends on the digital world for it's lifeblood.

Boards and executive teams are struggling to understand what needs to be done to protect their organizations and manage risk effectively.

Security teams are struggling to understand the rapidly evolving security landscape, to formulate effective, pragmatic security programs, and to explain and measure security in business terms.

We will discuss approaches to these challenges and how to organize, manage risk and explain security to business executives in business terms.

We will also discuss how the security professional needs to evolve to growing threats and the increasingly pivotal role they play in leading the business to address the tectonic shifts occurring in the digital and cybersecurity worlds.


Robert (Bob) Quinn is an accomplished technology and business leader with a reputation of building great teams, building a service and collaboration culture, and leading mission critical transformation initiatives to achieve dramatic results. He has impressive leadership experience at an array of companies, including British Petroleum, Sun Microsystems, ebay, KLA-Tencor, Genentech, Blue Coat Systems and Palo Alto Networks, where he has developed a reputation for successfully tackling the most challenging programs, providing innovative approaches to the most difficult problems, and developing highly motivated and organized teams. He has helped develop businesses from scratch, adapted extremely fast growing organizations to be successful in the global marketplace, and evolved very large organizations to become nimble and highly functional. Key thought leadership focus areas for Bob most recently include cloud migration, IT/Business strategy and vision, cyber security and progressive program management approaches.

Bob holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Economics & Accounting from Baldwin-Wallace College. He has been a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and is an active speaker and contributor on industry forums and publications.

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