Thursday 21 Apr 17:30

Are phone calls still relevant?

Voice Hack


LEVEL: Intermediate

The world of Internet used to be very disconnected from the world of telephony. API services bridges that gap and it's now possible for any web developer to use phone numbers and phone calls in their applications.

Some people use phone calls for waking emergency staff in the middle of the night, others for password reminders and even verifying new users.

We invite tech people to hack voice demos with us. How could this technology be relevant to the software you are building ?

All you need to know

The idea is that we start with giving you some ideas about what others are doing with phone calls & phone numbers and how easy those things are to do with a good cloud communications API. Everyone is then invited to play around with telephony.

17:30 - Introduction to Voice APIs

18:30 - Food & hacking

20:30 - Sharing is caring

Around 21:00 anyone who wants to is free to tell the crowd what they managed to do during this short amount of time - and ideas here is enough - basically any innovative way of using phone calls we're interested to hear about! :-)

Hackathon leader

@victoriawagman is a fullstack developer with a passion for learning and sharing knowledge. Editor of choice is vim. Language agnostic. What tools, processes and ways of thinking that are most likely to help define and explore problems, bring a common understanding of the challenges and then help with brainstorming and forming solutions, ye explores every day. @victoriawagman runs on vegetable juice, on do-it-now mentality. Ye has incorporated #gtd into every day life, and every day strives to, through actions, pay it forward.


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