Malmö, Sweden

Hyf malmoe225

FooCoding: HackYourFuture

FooCoding Class

11.30 Sunday, Mar 24

SQL, JavaScript, node.js, react

Event default

Hashicorp Malmö

Infrastructure as Code: Terraform & Azure

17.30 Monday, Mar 25

Azure, terraform, devops

Telepathy 225x140

Telepathy Through Technology

Mind-control technology - the consumer’s choices

17.30 Monday, Mar 25

Artificial Intelligence , Neuroscience


DevOps Malmö

Hardcore Learning

17:30 Tuesday, Mar 26

devops, management


CoderDojo Malmö

Programmering för barn

17:30 Wednesday, Mar 27

kids, Programming, HTML, css, javascript



Requirements and Assumptions

17.30 Wednesday, Mar 27

Agile, software development

Startupdojo logo

Startup Dojo

by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

17:30 Thursday, Mar 28

lean, business, innovation, startup, entrepreneurship


DevOps Malmö

Docker Bday #6: How do YOU #Docker?

17.30 Thursday, Mar 28

docker, devops

Dataf%c3%b6reningen 225x140


Medarbetares syn på säkerhetspolicys

17.30 Thursday, Mar 28

security, leadership



Want to be a better Speaker?

17:45 Monday, Apr 01

people, communicating, presenting, leadership, speaking



Lightning talks and practical workshop

17.30 Tuesday, Apr 02

Ruby, fullstack


CocoaHeads Malmö

Core Data Tips and Tricks

17.30 Tuesday, Apr 02

iOS, mobile

Ds softhouseteam


Spela er till ett tryggare teamwork!

08:30 Wednesday, Apr 03

Agile, Scrum, leadership


DevOps Malmö

Personal Experience with SCM in Agile and DevOps

17.30 Monday, Apr 08

devops, software development, Agile


Geek Girl Mini

Programmering för tjejer 9-11 år

17:45 Monday, Apr 08

UX, Scratch, Programming


Skåne Azure User Group

Azure Community Heroes visits Skåne Azure Group

17.30 Tuesday, Apr 09

Azure, devops, Artificial Intelligence , security


Teal for Teal Malmö

Governance and scaffolding in agility

17:30 Thursday, Apr 11

teal, Agile

Event large default

Afterwork seminar

Functional Patterns for the Object Oriented

17.30 Thursday, Apr 11

C#, haskell



Automation in Testing introduction

18.00 Monday, Apr 15

Test, software


Skåne Azure User Group

Azure Networking with Orin Thomas

17.30 Tuesday, Apr 16

Azure, architecture

Ds presentation3

Afterwork seminar

Data vault modeling in a complex data environment

17.30 Tuesday, Apr 23

security, Database, Cloud

Startupdojo logo

Startup Dojo

by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

17:30 Thursday, Apr 25

lean, business, innovation, startup, entrepreneurship


DevOps Malmö

Infrastructure automation with Puppet

17.30 Monday, May 20

enterprise architecture, devops

Event large default

Afterwork seminar

AI & Machine Learning in Theory and Practice

17.30 Wednesday, May 22

Artificial Intelligence , machine learning

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