Malmö, Sweden


Skåne Azure User Group

Global Azure Bootcamp

10:00 Saturday, Apr 27

Cloud, Azure

Hyf malmoe225

FooCoding: HackYourFuture

FooCoding Class

11.30 Sunday, Apr 28

SQL, JavaScript, node.js, react


CoderDojo Girls

Programmering för tjejer 12-16 år

17.30 Monday, Apr 29

web development, HTML5, CSS3, javascript



Want to be a better Speaker?

17:45 Monday, Apr 29

people, communicating, presenting, leadership, speaking


Introduction to a course in web development

FooCoding: Women

11.00 Sunday, May 05

html, web development


Critical Tech Meetup

The Copyright Directive - the Death of Creativity?

17.30 Monday, May 06

critical tech, legal



Malmö Polyglot Brigade

17.30 Tuesday, May 07

Ruby, fullstack


Afterwork seminar

Google I/O EXT

17.45 Tuesday, May 07

go, software development


CoderDojo Malmö

Programmering för barn

17:30 Wednesday, May 08

kids, Programming, HTML, css, javascript


CoderDojo Malmö

Programmering för barn

17:30 Wednesday, May 15

kids, Programming, HTML, css, javascript

Hyf malmoe225

FooCoding: HackYourFuture

Speed dating - Find your next web developer

08:00 Friday, May 17

backend, frontend, fullstack, web development


Elixir Malmö

Lightning Fast Code With Elixir

17:30 Tuesday, May 21

elixir, web development, Embedded

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Afterwork seminar

AI & Machine Learning in Theory and Practice

17.30 Wednesday, May 22

Artificial Intelligence , machine learning

Startupdojo logo

Startup Dojo

by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

17:30 Thursday, May 23

lean, business, innovation, startup, entrepreneurship


DevOps Malmö

Infrastructure automation with Puppet

17.30 Monday, May 27

enterprise architecture, devops

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