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Do you run a user group but haven't found a venue yet? Or perhaps you're consider starting a meetup group? Tell us more about your passion and we'll contact you to see how we can help.

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Michael Tiberg,, +46-701-46 92 54

Share your passion at Foo Café

One of the primary objectives of Foo Café is to nurture and facilitate user groups. Why? Because today's user groups are a main vehicle of continuing education in the world of IT and beyond.

Foo Café defines a user group to be a community of software developers meeting to share their knowledge between one another. These groups meet in their own free time and advertising a company or product is not their main objective. If you’re searching for company visibility, and intend to mention company or product names in the event description, then head on over to our partner page for more information. Partner page.

We support user groups to ensure the culture of knowledge sharing in software development lives on. We commit to offering the following to user groups completely free of charge:

Rooms of all sizes in a neutral space in which to learn and share outfitted with essentials for successful meet-ups such as amplification, projectors, a stage, tables, chairs etc...

Administrative assistance - Foo Café can provide organization and coordination so the user group and it's chief orgnizer can focus on the content and education for its fellow members.

Sponsorship acquisition - Foo Café offers assistance in connecting organization with interested partners that want to be affiliated with the passionate spirit of user groups, creating a win/win situation for all involved.

Online booking - it couldn't be easier to secure space and time at Foo Café. Online booking saves the group organizer time from having to chase an appropriate venue to meet at an affordable price. Foo Cafe is a tailored fit for groups.

Marketing - affiliating your group with Foo Café ensures that you will double your marketing value. Your group gains exposure to your target audience in tandem with your own marketing campaigns, increasing opportunites for exposure to future members.

Access to Foo Café's network and contact list. Few people in the region have the breadth of connectivity as Foo Cafe. Want to invite aspeaker that would be perfect for your next meet up's topic of the evening but don't have their phone number? Chances are that Foo Café just might!

Grow your group's visibility, in person and online.

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