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New Reality

Designing Future Interaction Models for Internet of Things and Augmented Reality

More and more devices are being connected to the Internet but how should we discover and directly interact with all of them in an intuitive and comfortable manner? Up until now, smartphones have shown potential for managing the Internet of Things (IoT) environments, but we cannot rely on that technology. Wearables, on the other hand, are becoming more mature and are available in many different form factors. It is speculated that combining wearables with augmented reality (AR), which has the ability to merge the real world with the virtual, is more suitable.


Günter Alce - Günter started to work at Ericsson as a software engineer after his Master of Electrical Engineering in 2000. After having worked with low-level software, he moved on to Sony Ericsson working with user interfaces. Next, he started to work at the technology office at Sony as Senior Engineer. Eventually, Günter looked for new challenges and decided to do his Ph.D. at the Department of Design sciences at Lund University. His research is focused on Augmented Reality interaction for the glass form-factor.


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