Win for all

Build trust and opportunities with your audience.

Events at Foo Café Copenhagen give you the opportunity to reach an often hard to reach audience. You get to define and target your audience, and the space we create takes the edge off the hard sell.

Foo Café Copenhagen is neutral, and this makes for an environment where people meet on a level playing field.

Find opportunities in our network

We collaborate with a wide range of user groups in the region. This gives us huge reach in people in tech, media, and design. You get closer to the people you want to know. This gives you the opportunity for open-minded discussions that can lead to new customers and new employees.

Working with Foo Café will make the competence profiling of your company subtle and efficient. Foo Café helps you share knowledge and experience. Your company gets support by showing itself as generous and competent. You are one of the good guys, the kind of firm people want to seek out.

We help you:

Strengthen your brand:
We offer visibility with the right target audience. Groups can easily see that you support their initiatives.

Grow your skills:
We offer unique selection and diversity in events, courses, and workshops.

Get in touch with people that match your profile.

Neutral meeting place
Our business is based on people meeting on a neutral meeting ground.

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