We facilitate user and interest groups

One of our core goals at Foo Café is to nurture and facilitate user groups. Why? Because today's user groups are key to continuing education tech, design, and media. They grow organically amongst passionate people, but they demand a lot of the people who run them. That is where we come in.

We can help in many ways:

Venues of all sizes in a neutral space equipped with all the essentials for successful meet-ups: amplification, projectors, a stage, tables, chairs, etcetera.

Admin assistance – we can help you organize and coordinate so the user group and its organizer can focus on the content and members.

Sponsorship - Foo Café can help find the funding required to hold the events.

Online registration – our system puts you, the event organizer, in charge. It’s your mailing list, not ours – and not the sponsor’s.

Marketing – we can help market your event.

Access to our content network – we can help provide speakers for almost any subject.

Grow your group's visibility – in person and online.

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