Tuesday 28 Feb 17:00

February Meetup and Beta-Launch Event

Copenhagen Health Techers


LEVEL: Beginner

Join us for the beta-launch of Copenhagen Health Techers.

We think there's a lot to talk about at the intersection of Entrepreneurship · Digital Health · Health Information Technology · Health Professionals · New Technology · Professional Networking · Life Sciences · Technology Startups · Biotechnology · Healthcare Innovation and we would love to hear what direction you think a meetup like this should take.

We want to make sure that these meetup will be valuable to you and invite you to join us to have a significant impact on the future content.

What do you think we should do? Who do you want to hear speak? What kind of events do you want us to arrange? Come join this first meetup and help determine which way to go.

We provide food and beverages, venue and a great opportunity to have a significant impact on where this meetup group is going to meet with likeminded.

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