Tuesday 07 Feb 18:00

Scala Second Coding Session

Akka Actors (contd.)


Hello Scala enthusiasts,

Our last Scala coding session on January 17th was a big success. We were so happy to finally meet so many of you scala coders and received a lot of positive feedback after the event. As the result, we hereby introduce our second Scala coding session, in collaboration with the Copenhagen Scala User Group.

For those for are new, the idea is simple. Let's get together and create something awesome in Scala. It doesn't have to be feature complete but it should bring enough exposure to the language and the power that it brings. Don't be shy to share ideas, as we will come up with a couple of small or one big project that we can code up together.

For those who attended the first coding session, as agreed, we will have a follow up to finish our Akka Actor task, possibly start a new one and talk about Partial Functions.

Akka actor assignment: https://github.com/amupoti/Principles-of-Reactive-Programming/blob/master/w5/actorbintree/src/main/scala/actorbintree/BinaryTreeSet.scala

And the task description: https://github.com/amupoti/Principles-of-Reactive-Programming/blob/master/w5/week5.actorbintree-instructions.pdf


18.00 - 18.15: Meet and greet

18.15 - 20.30: Coding session

Looking forward to see you all

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