Thursday 26 Jan 17:30

Logging and Monitoring with

Docker Copenhagen


LEVEL: Beginner

It is time for the Docker January meetup.

We are so lucky to have Luca Wintergerst and Christian Zumbiehl from coming over and talk about logging and collecting metrics from containers.

Collecting metrics and logs from containers can easily be the factor that defines if working with Kubernetes/Swarm/Nomad is fun to do or not. So you need to know what is going on and be able to seamlessly diagnose any unhealthy containers. is the company behind ElasticSearch. They also maintains Logstash and the new Beats log collectors. A lot of things has been easier to setup during the latest updates to both ElasticSearch and Kibana.

So come and learn about logging and talk to people from!

The Speaker: Lucas Wintergerst,

Time schedule:

17:30 Doors open

18:00 Welcome

18:10 "Lesson learn collecting logs at"

Luca Wintergerst

18:40 Break - Something to drink and eat

19:00 "How to monitor your containers in your cluster" TBA

19:30 Break

19:50 Panel discussion

20:30 Networking and Docker help

21:00 See you next time!

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