Monday 14 Nov 17:30

An Evening with James Coplein

Real object-oriented programming and much, much more


(We'll meet at NOHO Bar at Flæsketorvet 28 in Kødbyen.)

Join us for an evening of exploring why we do what we do the way we do it in tech and how we can do it better.

Jim Coplein came by Foo Café Copenhagen in October for an amazing evening of conversation ranging from the new open-source language he’s helped create to the philosophy of programming languages and much in between. People stayed so late afterwards, that we asked Jim to come back.

Jim is a laid back guy, despite having plenty to brag about. If you work with scrum, you’re applying the Agile Manifesto that he helped write. He introduced the ‘stand up’ meeting into tech. His resume is long and impressive, but the coolest thing may be how willing he is to share what he knows and learn from others.

The conversation started and will return to this: class-oriented programming, as supported by Java, C++ and C#, helps you develop classes for your customer. Object-oriented programming, on the other hand, lets you focus on networks of cooperating objects that work together to create business value. This talk describes the trygve open-source programming language and its support for real object-oriented programming the way it was envisioned by those who shaped it in its early days. Learn about trygve and maybe even join the community to help evolve it. And if you’re a working developer, some of the ideas carry over into C# and C++.

About the speaker

Jim Coplien is a Certified Scrum Trainer in Denmark and best-selling author, lecturer, and consultant in the areas of software design, object-oriented programming, lean software development process, and agile development. His earlier work was one of the foundations of Scrum and of XP and he is one of the founders of the software pattern discipline. He helps enterprises solve architectural and organisational problems together and challenges people to question practices they do out of habit or popularity, exhorting people to establish empirical and otherwise provable justifications for their practices.

More on the philosophy and so forth:

* User manual (the intro might help)

* Original “white paper”

* More academic paper

* fullOO web site

* Past version of a similar talk

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