Thursday 03 Nov 17:30

Lauren Tan (@sugarpirate) Is Coming to Town

(JS Take Note)


Lauren Tan (@sugarpirate), a friend of both the Elixir/Phoenix and the Ember community, is visiting our city - and we want to invite everyone with an interest in either technology to join us for an evening dedicated to both.

We will start with an introduction to Elixir geared towards JavaScript developers discussing why you should consider a Phoenix backend for your next project; and then a talk about Phoenix as a backend for an Ember application.

Elixir is a functional server side language that implements actor model based concurrency, giving it soft real-time guarantees (predictable behavior under heavy load), fault tolerance, availability, and scalability—everything you would want in a web-server; Phoenix is a framework for building maintainable and highly performing websites. Ember is a JavaScript front-end framework for building website front-ends.

Don't worry if you don't know some of this jargon: It will be explained at the meet up.

Note: We'll meet at NOHO at 1730, but Lauren's talk will take place just round the corner at Founders, at Skelbækgade 2, 1717 Copenhagen, starting at 1800. We'll take you there :-)

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