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Foo Café is where people passionate about technology, media, and design meet. Whether you’re a creative, an architect, a programmer, a gamester, a geek girl, or a serial entrepreneur, Foo Café is your place to meet, learn, share, and develop.

Crowd-sourcing in real life
We provide the framework – venue, catering, registration, clean-up – in short, everything it takes to hold an event.

We make sure the calendar is an interesting mix, so there’s always something worth attending.

The only agenda is you
Foo Café is completely independent. Unbiased. Open. Guests, speakers and partners come together to learn and share without any hidden agenda. We’re transparent.

We make sure interested individuals, companies and organizations, can relax, enjoy equal opportunities, contribute and get inspired from new ideas.

A cafe near you

Based in the Meat Packing District, Foo Café Copenhagen is in the middle of Copenhagen’s most creative district and surrounded by co-working spaces, ateliers, galleries, restaurants, and bars. There’s plenty to do before and after you visit Foo Café Copenhagen.


The name Foo Café comes from the World War II acronym ‘FUBAR’, which stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. We changed to Foo Café as we’re open all day, not just in the evenings.

The term FUBAR was common amongst first-generation programmers and is closely related in origin and meaning to the US traffic report acronym ‘SNAFU’, Situation Normal All Fucked Up. Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foobar.

Foo Café. The Movie

Foo Cafe started in Malmö, Sweden, before expanding to Copenhagen and Stockholm. Find out how it all started. Watch Foo Café the True Story.

Foo Café in 73 seconds.

Watch this film about Dan North's view on Deliberate Learning

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Foo Café Copenhagen is a franchise of the Malmö original founded by Michael Tiberg. For further info on Foo Café please contact:

Michael Tiberg, +46 701 46 92 54

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Foo Café
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DK-1711 Copenhagen

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