Wednesday 26 Sep 17:45

Microfrontends and Kafka on Kubernetes

Stockholm FullStack SecDevOps


LEVEL: Intermediate

We're excited to announce Stockholm FullStack SecDevOps Engineering Meetup #16! We will meet at FooCafe.

We have great speakers with awesome topics!


17.45 - Meet & Greet

18.00 - Talk 1 and Q&A

18.50 - Break with something lighter to eat

19.10 - Talk 2 and Q&A

Talk 1 by Anders Lundström

From monolith to micro frontends

Abstract: This talk is about why you should move from building frontend monoliths to building micro frontends. The benefit of this architecture is that it enables you to break down your application into its features and then have each feature, from backend to frontend, owned by different teams. Every feature can then be developed, tested and deployed independently from other features.

Companies like Spotify, Klarna, Zalando and Scania are using this architecture to build their applications and we will talk about different approaches to achieve this setup.

About the Speaker: Developer with 10+ years of experience building applications using Java and JavaScript. Currently focusing on building micro frontends using React/Redux and the ecosystem around that.

Talk 2 by Fahad

Introduction to Kafka and tips for Kafka in Production on Kubernetes

Abstract: In this talk Kafka is introduced with its basic background and history and then various components and important concepts of Kafka are also discussed in the talk. After introduction and giving a basic understanding about kafka some of the issues faced while implementing kafka in a microservices based system are mentioned. Moreover, a few recommendations about kafka settings and coding practices are also shared.

About the speaker: Fahad has a Master degree in Computer Science from South Korea and has 5+ years of work experience as a full stack developer. Currently working on an interesting microservice based system built around Java, React and Kubernetes.

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