Wednesday 12 Sep 18:00

Hands-on Web Hacking



LEVEL: Intermediate

Bring your laptop and take part in a 3-hour hands-on workshop where we hack a web application. We will finish the evening by walking through some of the more interesting vulnerabilities, however this is not a presentation, it is a workshop where you do the hacking with the help of a professional penetration tester.

Workshop leader

Linus Kvarnhammar is an independent security consultant and ethical hacker that is breaking into networks and applications for a living. He has 20+ years' experience working in the IT industry as a systems administrator, C# developer and the last 7 years as a security consultant.


18:00-18.15 – Meet & Greet

18.15-19.00 – Introduction

19.00-19.30 – Meet & Eat

19.30-21.30 – Web Hacking

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