18 Dec


Winter Hack Night 2

Cocoa Heads Stockholm



Hello CocoaHeads!

After our first successful winter hack night we're back with another one, just before the holidays!

This night is the second in a series of four (two before Christmas & two after) where we'll be hacking on stuff together. Have that app idea you never brought to life, been wanting to try out some cool APIs or want to contribute back to the Open Source community? This is the perfect time!

At the final hack night, you'll have the opportunity to show off your hack and even win some prizes! Categories will include "Best Hack", "Greatest Open Source Contribution", "Best Use of API" and more.


17:55 - Doors open, drinks are served 

18:00 - Welcome by Alek & our hosts FooCafé 

18:15 - Hack starts

18:30 - Food is served  

21:00 - End of hack

See you at CocoaHeads!

/ Alek, Edward & Stefan

P.S. Check out, our Slack community, and follow us on Twitter & Facebook for updates.

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