Tuesday 06 Dec 17:30

Workshop: Hands-on with containers in Windows

Docker Stockholm


LEVEL: Intermediate

Docker StockholmIn this session you’ll learn about the container technology built natively into Windows Server 2016 and how you can reuse your knowledge, skills and tools from Docker on Linux.This session will be a mix of presentations, giving you an overview of the technology, and hands-on experiences, so make sure to bring your laptop.SpeakerNick Trogh is a senior technical evangelist at Microsoft Belux where he’s helping developers, startups and software companies realize their software dreams on the Microsoft platform. You can find him presenting about cloud, mobile, web and game development at Microsoft and non-Microsoft events or online on his blog or Twitter. Before joining Microsoft, Nick has been working as a software architect at different IT consulting firms, covering a wide range of Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies and platforms.Event sponsorMicrosoft

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