20 Oct


How you can use Xamarin Test Cloud to test your Android apps

Android Stockholm



Android Stockholm

First presentation begins at 17.45

It’s hard to write an Android and it’s even harder to test it. Come and see how Xamarin Test Cloud could help you automate your UI tests and run them on many models and OS versions without having to purchase a single phone.


Peter Bryntesson is a technical evangelist at Microsoft and loves to write code. He has a background as a C++/C# developer for 20+ years. For a couple of years now Xamarin has been a passion and now he actually have that passion as a job!

18.30 - Lighter food break and mingle

Second presentation begins at 19.00

Painless Persistence with Realm

In a world where users have ever higher expectations from the apps they use, having data always available, even when the device is offline, has become increasingly important.

In this talk you will learn how thinking "offline first" not only makes your app architecture better but also result in cleaner code and happier users.

I will introduce Realm, a new database for easy persistence, and demonstrate how it enables truly reactive UI's by fitting seamlessly into the standard network stack of Retrofit and RxJava.

Finally we will take a look at the new Realm Mobile Platform, which provides real-time synchronization between devices, enabling features previously out of reach for many development teams.


Christian Melchior is Team Lead and Android developer at Realm, focused on making the Android SDK the default choice for developers. He has a strong love for clean, approachable code that's fast to boot. | | Prior to Realm, he got a MSc. in Computer Science and built award-winning apps at Trifork. When he's not coding, he enjoys wearing out hiking boots and trying to teach his two small children how to hunt dragons.

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