22 Sep


Importance of online self-branding and network to build credibility as a leader

LEDA today



LEDA today

YOU - The Brand – In today’s digitized world, assuming you are a part of it, personal branding is beyond the linked in profile and a pretty picture, though both are helpful but it’s your online engagements, interactions and conversations that build the brand YOU!

Simran will guide us through how to apply this in your day-to-day branding of you and how to use it in your leadership.

Her 10 key reasons why it is paramount to be strategic about your personal online branding is:

o Opportunity to bring your personality forward

o Shows authenticity

o Builds credibility

o Acts as a differentiator

o Projection of the core values you stand for

o Helps you become a subject matter expert

o Helps build a network you could lean on

o Consistency goes a long way

o It’s a powerful leadership enabler

o Walk the Talk


Simran Jindal - a die hard team player who thrives in a stiumulating multi-cultural environment, a people uniter, potential nurturer, always learning and insatialbly curious and wishes if days were longer and sleep was optional. Works at FristadsKansas Group as Associate Director - Solutions Delivery Group - Global Business Intelligence and Integration

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LEDA är ett nätverk som lyfter fram ledarskapets utmaningar och möjligheter i det digitaliserade arbetslivet. Här delas och diskuteras teoretiska kunskaper och praktiska erfarenheter för att utveckla den nya ledarrollen som krävs i det nya arbetslivet. Ledarskapet behöver förändras och anpassas till ett mer globaliserat arbetssätt med dialog i realtid via interna och externa sociala nätverk. Detta nya arbetssätt ställer nya krav på ledarskapet men ger också nya fantastiska möjligheter att leda verksamheter på ett nytt framgångsrikt sätt.

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