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Neo4j Spatial

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The world is a big place, and getting bigger all the time. In the last few decade the internet has been at the core of a massive explosion in the amount of data, and the complexity of data out there. The world of databases, and applications that use databases, has responded with some amazing new solutions from well known names like google, amazon and facebook, as well as some less well known, but equally important solutions.

One of these comes from right here in Malmö. Neo4j is the leading "graph database", aimed at handling the new world of complex connected data. Neo4j especially well suited at dealing with relationships in data, like social networks and geographically connected data.

Neo4j Spatial is a community supported library designed to help you model geographic data in Neo4j and build applications that make the most of location information in a connected way. In this talk we will introduce you to Neo4j, the concept of a "graph database", and why this approach is so well suited to the modern world. We will give you a taste of the various options available for building location aware data applications.

And to end off, we will give you a sneak peek at some of the up-coming spatial features planned for future releases of Neo4j, which help make it even easier to model location data with high performance.


Craig Taverner an open source software developer, technology enthusiast and entrepreneur working on many kinds of projects, especially those involving Ruby, GIS and Neo4j. I am the co-author of the original Neo4j Spatial project released in 2010. Recently I joined the Cypher development team, where I am helping to expand the capabilities of this über-cool query language. This includes, of course, support for some upcoming new spatial functions built right into the language.


Tags big data database geographic graph software development

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