20 Aug


Agile teams without product owners

AW Seminar



We will begin with meet, greet and something lighter to eat and drink at 17.30. The presentation starts at 18.00.


Many agile software development organizations have self managing teams when it comes to implementation of software, but still use a Product Owner role for product discovery, user and business value and story prioritization.

At CCP Games, developers of award winning science fiction MMO EVE Online, the product owner role has been eliminated as a position held by individuals, and instead the responsibility of product ownership has been integrated into the development feature teams with good results. Hear how the change happened, how team based management is part of the puzzle, and what the results have been a year into this change for the EVE dev team.


Andie Nordgren is the Executive Producer of EVE Online at CCP Games and manages the 100 person dev team for the game.

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