Wednesday 09 Sep 17:30

Bring your PHP website to the world

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We will begin with meet and greet at 17.30 the presentation starts at 17.45. There will be a break for refreshments (pizza and beer) around 18.30-ish.


Imagine a website that started in a basement and now wants to conquer the world. What does that involve? Can a market entry plan include rewriting the database structure? Prisjakt is on that journey and has learned some lessons to share. Of course there is a lot of content and marketing to the site, but we will focus on code and infrastructure.

You will hear about databases designed under the assumption that there would be only one language and that all servers would be in the same datacenter. (The first country we expanded to was on the other side of the globe.) You will learn a way to have different feature sets for different regions. There will also be talk about converting both the site and the database from Latin-1 to UTF-8. (Quite an adventure for a PHP based site, which ended well.) And then we have translations…

Geekiness is in the Prisjakt DNA, so features in the code are explored as rigorously as the features of the products you can find on the site. PHP is not only a quick language to get started with, correctly used it can power really big and globally used applications. We will share with you what we learned so far.


Jonas Birgander is an experienced PHP developer that has been with Prisjakt since 2006. He knows the hows and whys of the code and the company.

Adam Heurlin joined Prisjakt more recently, in late 2014 and is a language geek, both natural languages and computer languages. He was among the brave ones who fought the battle of UTF-8 (and won).


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