Tuesday 01 Sep 18:00

The Connected Car

Internet of Things Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate

The first meet-up after summer intermission!

Fifth Meetup for IoT Malmö and Skåne region!, we bring you this great evening of talking about the Connected Car experience, implementations and research surrounding it. A truly great start for the autumn IoT meetups!

18:00 Doors open, mingle, grab some drinks

Speaker 1 (The Academic; The Professional)

Abhijeet U Banode - Project Manager for IoT Solutions and Testing Services at Tech Mahindra

Presentation on research regarding Connected Car.

19:00 Break with drinks and something to eat

Speaker 2 (The Professional; Technical Implementation)

Peter Kembro - Business Development at Combitech AB

Peter is responsible for governance of the open source project “Automotive Grade Android” and works as a consultant manager and technical lead at Combitech within the domains of Open Source and IoT.

Are you interested in system development that creates opportunities for ”smart vehicles”? Do you want to learn more about integration of Android in vehicles - and how it enables connected services within the vehicle industry? Presentation on Why & How they created and open source service platform for vehicles and how this can be used to create new services for vehicle manufacturers.

Speaker 2.5 (Show & Tell)

Peter will merge the end of his first presentation by presenting their project of an electric mini-car, enabled with connected services through an open source IoT platform. Test drive anyone?

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