25 Aug


The cross platform advantage using Appcelerator Titanium

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First session will be all about GWS (Global Warning System), which makes high security mobile applications and are facing an ever growing app portfolio where native development is needed, but cross platform is the only way to achieve delivery over time. Encryption and content marks the value of the product. Personal security is more and more important specifically when you travel and this product delivers vital information to you when you need it. With a simple professional design the app will be available fall 2015.

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Second session will be a demonstration of the latest client project building for all platforms supported by the cross platform framework Appcelerator Titanium, including Blackberry which is deprecated. I will demonstrate building an app for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry and point you to resources needed to make this happen. I will also give you a bit of a tips and tricks session what to note about the other platforms.


Morgan Widung (VP Global Sales & Marketing - GWS AB) has a M.Sc in Electrical Engineering from Lund University. He has worked predominately in business and sales management positions for companies within the telecom / semiconductor and renewable energy sectors, such as InnoVentum AB as Head of Global Sales and RF Micro Devices as SonyEricsson Global Account Manager.

Jörgen Buder has been active in the Titanium mobile space since 2010, where he started to train people to become cross platform mobile developers. Over the years he has been working with mobile strategys and delivering professional services in Titanium Training, Titanium development and leading teams. Jörgen has been working with the platform for over a year and is also an Appcelerator Titan since a few years. He also organises the Titanium Community in Sweden and works for Purple Scout AB, an Appcelerator Partner in delivering Appcelerator services and products.

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