15 Jun


There's more to Java 8 than just lambdas





17.30 - 17.45 – Meet and greet

17.45 - 18.30 - Presentation

Java 8 has arrived and with it a bunch of new features ready to be explored. In this session we'll dig into several them including of course lambdas, default methods, functional constructs and the Stream API. But there's more to Java 8 than just lambdas so we'll also look into the new date & time API, Nashorn, repeating annotations and more!


Johan Haleby is a developer, speaker, and writer with a profound interest in software engineering and testability in particular. He has founded and contributed to numerous open source projects such as PowerMock, REST Assured and Awaitility and has spoken at several international conferences and user groups.

18.30 - 19.00 – Break with Pizza and Beverage

19.00 - 19.45 – Presentation

To be announced

19.45 - 20.00 – Ending mingle

Tags geek java lambdas nashorn software development

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