09 Apr


Software Craftsmanship - Why, What, How

ØSCG meetup



Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group

This session the Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group will look a bit closer at what the craftsmanship movement is and why it’s important. We will listen to Tomas Malmsten, the founder of ØSCG, as he gives us a bit of a background to the movement and the manifesto. He will also talk a bit about which tools he thinks a craftsperson needs in e’s toolbox. After the break we will discuss craftsmanship in the group, using K-Cards as an aid.

About the speaker:

Tomas Malmsten is the founder of ØSCG and a senior consultant at Webstep. He has some 15+ years experience as a developer and have been involved in almost all parts of the software lifecycle. Since founding ØSCG Tomas has had many opportunities to discuss craftsmanship as well as giving it a lot of thought on his own.

Tags craftsmanship geek software development

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