Tuesday 24 Mar 17:30

ReactJS for front-end development

Malmö FrontBox


LEVEL: Intermediate

Malmö FrontBox, it's the place where you pick up & share front-end knowledge.

Agenda on their first meet-up

17.30 – Meet and greet

17.45 – First part

- why upfront? the mighty journey from web pages to web apps

- html & frontend developer tools, learning resources

- css frameworks

- javascript frameworks, why so many? which kind of problems do they solve?

- frontend and mobile with native wrappers, pushing beyond the browser limits

18.30 – Pizza and beer break

19.00 – Second part

- why ReactJS? structuring up for enterprise frontend projects

- run the pure UI todo list

- meet Flux, implement an actions oriented structure

- persist data with FireBase (frontend oriented data storage solution from google)

- package your app for deploying

I you like this, we set a recurring FrontBox night – future topics can be:

- packaging assets for the web (Browserify, WebPack)

- quality automation: unit testing in the browser (karma, mocha chai, sinon)

- quality automation: functional testing in Javascript with Selenium and WebDriver

- meet canvas for high performance rendering

- meet CSS Animations

- meet KnockoutJS for a simple yet powerful two way binding library

- writing a jQuery plugin the right way

- browser performances: how to use the developer tools for detecting memory leaks, rendering issues and so on

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