12 Mar


Tackling Legacy Code

ØSCG meetup



Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group

Pretty much everyone in the software industry have encountered legacy code. Most have found the encounter a rather scary experience. This is an opportunity to lessen that feeling next time it happens.

During this session of ØSCG we will focus on how we as craftsmen can help our customers deal with a legacy codebase. Starting with a clearer definition of what legacy code actually is, we will look at some of our options. From ignoring or deleting it to improving the codebase.

After the introduction by Tomas Malmsten we will have the opportunity to share of our own experiences from working with legacy code.

About the speaker

Tomas Malmsten is the founder of ØSCG and a senior consultant at Webstep. He is a software craftsman with 15+ years experience who has stopped being afraid of legacy code. He has found that as the fear is replaced by respect and knowledge it can actually be quite rewarding and interesting to work with legacy code.

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