Tuesday 20 Jan 17:15

A World-changing step: Open hardware



LEVEL: Intermediate


Prior approaches in hardware design were characterized by being proprietary, which limited the number of people who had the resources to design and produce customized hardware solutions.

Open source hardware is a world-changing step in order to break this barrier. Open source hardware has given an opportunity to a broad number of users to use small and affordable programmable boards, create tangible results and become part of this creative world.

In this talk we will focus on programmable boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Open source hardware can be used to sense our environment, analyze the information that this environment contains, and proceed to interfere with the environment, closing the loop. Moreover, these devices can access the Internet and become both new information clients and information providers! Many examples of programs will be shown.

Didac Gil will speak in English but the discussion and questions can be made in Swedish or English.

Didac Gil de la Iglesia is a research fellow in Media Technology at Linnaeus University in Vaxjö. He holds a Master degree title in Mobile telecommunications by Polytechnic University of Catalunya and a PhD in Computer Science by Linnaeus University. He teaches about Open Hardware solutions for the creation of Tangible User Interfaces.

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