12 Jan


Let's improve our events together

Community Builders' Event



This is a special event for organizers of interest and user groups. Some of you have put on loads of events and some of you are noobs. We would like to welcome everybody to this event so that we can together share our experience in producing events and by doing so they will be better.

The event will be done in four different ways so we will both talk about different events while at the same time produce the events during the evening.


- Who's who at the event?

- Workshop - your experiences will be summarized in this workshop led by Björn Granvik

- Presenting the workshop result with discussions led by Henrik Andersson

- Break - with pizza and beer

- Tips and tricks - Foo Café experiences presented by Michael Tiberg

About the presenters

Björn Granvik has long experience in putting on workshops from various consultancy and product companies. Perviously, he managed the Java User Group in Malmö for many years.

Henrik Andersson organizes a yearly conference besides his daily job as CEO. He also manages the Test User Group - ConTest here in Malmö

Michael Tiberg is the founder of Foo Café

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