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Consumers and the Internet of Things

Internet of Me



Internet of Me, based on people's needs with the help of digital technology can be developed into services which also responds to the changing landscape of society and business.

The initiative brings together individuals and companies who want to pursue this development.

Internet of Me becomes a " boundary breakers " that moves between different industries and are looking for new opportunities that will benefit people's need and desire to contribute to the development of the Internet of me. It's the people who see the new opportunities that digitization brings. We want to work in this new field with an Agile approach that involves trial and error , testing , changes , and implements . As development takes place in a new and largely unknown land , there are no accepted truths of the success factors .


17.30-17.45 - Mingle

17.45-18.00 - Introduction of "Internet of Me" by Christer Månsson

18.00-18.30 - Consumers and the Internet of Things, Michael Björn, Head of Research Ericsson ConsumerLab & adjungerad professor vid Ekonomihögskolan, Lunds Universitet

Increasingly, consumers expect the physical world to be as interactive as our sceens. Things should respond to touch and be able to handle information.

18.30-19.00 - Mingel, food and beer

19.00-20.00 - Short presentations on new opportunities from participants and discussion

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