Wednesday 05 Nov 17:30

Let’s pair UX & Testing



LEVEL: Intermediate

This special ConTest event has a longer presentation (roughly 40 minutes) by Karen N. Johnson from Chicago, USA. We follow-up the presentation with discussions as we use to do at all ConTest events.

We will begin with meet, greet and something lighter to eat at 17.30 - Karen's talk begins at 18.00.


Do you find yourself needing to “check” something in production immediately after go live? Do you work as a designer immersed in UI and/or UX? Or perhaps you work as a software developer or product owner? Without realizing it, you may be performing the role of a software tester in addition to your primary role. Perhaps you want to learn a bit about software testing without entirely becoming a professional software tester. Karen outlines specific areas where UX and testing collaborate well together. She explores how the UX tools of storyboarding and personas can pair with Exploratory Testing and “tour” testing. If testing is part of what you or your team need to juggle to “make it happen” come attend this session.

About Karen N. Johnson

Karen is an independent software test consultant based in Chicago. Her client work is often centered on helping organizations at an enterprise level. While focused on software testing and predominantly working with the testers throughout an organization, Karen helps teams and organizations improve quality overall. Her professional activities include speaking at conferences both in the US and internationally. Karen is a contributing author to the book, Beautiful Testing by O’Reilly publishers. She is the co-founder of the WREST workshop, the Workshop for Regulated Software Testing. She has published numerous articles; she blogs and tweets about her experiences. Find her on Twitter as @karennjohnson (note the two n’s) and her website:

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